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- and because of this I've been advised to have them done one close and one close--and-a-bit.I'm also concerned that if they are done for distance I won't be able to see properly to do my make-up, particularly eye-make-up, which is important to me.

Laser Cataract Surgery uses the femtosecond laser to do many of the steps currently performed by hand.The surgery takes about 7 ½ minutes, and when it is done you will see clearly, without the need for glasses or contacts.You won't see or feel the ICL once it is placed—in fact, only an eye doctor will be able to find it, and then only if he knows where to look. Maloney's expertise in performing this surgery is particularly valuable to patients who have some astigmatism in addition to nearsightedness. Maloney can combine LASIK with an ICL to get the best results.Equally, any ladies who have had their eyes done for distance vision, how do you find it for using i Phone, seeing texts, and doing eye make-up?Apparently make-up glasses are a huge nuisance and not terribly successful.Learn More About Laser Cataract Surgery » The Implantable Contact Lens (ICL) is an excellent option for many patients with moderate to severe nearsightedness who are either seeking an alternative to LASIK or may not be an ideal candidates for laser vision correction. Maloney, always a pioneer in the latest eye surgery techniques, is an expert in ICL surgery, having performed the procedure since 1997, including the original FDA trials.It's a tiny, biocompatible contact lens permanently placed behind the iris that provides excellent quality of vision.I will be quite happy to wear glasses for driving, TV, cinema and theatre, which is what I do now.If any ladies have had their eyes done for close vision rather than distance, can you tell me can you see ok to use your i Phone and do your eye make-up?Once the team knows if you are a good candidate for vision correction surgery, they can begin to educate you on the different LASIK procedures at the Los Angeles offices of Maloney Vision Institute, from traditional LASIK to All-Laser LASIK.For patients that aren’t good candidates for LASIK, PRK or Implantable Contact Lenses may be excellent options. Maloney has dedicated his career to giving his patients their best possible vision. Maloney often participates in FDA clinical trials on the latest and most promising vision correction solutions.

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