Colunga dating

He is working for the movies and television shows in the current time.

Within the long list of his girlfriends as according to him, he was seriously dating few of them with his dedication of love towards them.

swimming in the pool to play golf - and sitting on various diets, . With them he made a journey, it seems, on all the beaches of Mexico. - "Love seducer" (Un seductor enamorado, 1998) with Chantal Andere.

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For the sake of laughter decided to audition and was accepted into the educational center "Artists Televisa. but outside of Mexico: "Esmeralda" (Esmeralda) with Leticia Calderon, .

Of all the roles he played in serials, movies and the theater of his most beloved character - is Carlos Daniel Braccio.

Once journalists asked Fernando, that for him a kiss in front of the camera and he otv etil: "A kiss on the lips, nothing more, but was in the case of his career, when a kiss meant to him very much ...

They parted nicely, without saying a single bad word about each other. Fernando does not cease to be a medallion, which she once gave him, and is in constant search narrowed: "I'm looking for, because I really want to form a family. I am looking for a woman who would understand me and respect the. So what should be a girl to like this handsome Mexican: "I must admit that Thalia - this is the type of woman that I like: tactful, sympathetic, nice and cheerful". Fernando does not smoke or drink, engaged in propaganda for a world without drugs and alcohol, and also participates in the program of assistance to children in difficult situations.

He is regularly involved in sports and is on a diet. He also loves motorcycles, but his real passion is racing cars.

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