Cloak and dagger dating service

Their personalities are bland, a-typical, predictable, when they should be complicated, dynamic, nuanced.It’s a damned shame too, because they have the potential to be some of Marvel’s greatest characters.After watching the trailer, I was surprised how excited, how hopeful I felt for the show.As a comics snob, it’s really easy to be overly critical of every live action reiteration, but I was taken aback by how fresh this take appears to be.She guides other young heroes, and is always on the look out for those who need help.

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This is wonderful because you don’t get any forced relationships like freakin’ New 52 Superman & Wonder Woman, nor do you get CW style with Green Arrow and Whatever-Girl-He’s-Dating-This-Season.

So what do all these problems mean for the TV show?

It means they don’t have much to go on — which is a thing.

He’s got teleportation powers and is sort of intangible…er, sometimes.

Also he feeds on light, pulling people into the darkforce dimension where he feasts on the light of his enemies.

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