Chinese dating sites review

Couldn't get my account to work after i forgot my password,so i contacted the customer service and they helped to resolve this problem within just a few hours.

Customer servce in most other online dating sites is usually dead,so i was pleasantly surprised!

I live in China now and go to a massage parlour for a genuine massage once in a while, but they do offer extras, one of the girls speaks english and told me she is on Chnlove and hopes for a rich escape.

The real pretty ladies here are in high demand, you won't find them on Chnlove, the standard of living has also made leaps ahead, they generally don't need a middle class laowai for a comfortable life anymore.

It feels good to know that theres a woman out there who is searching for the same qualities I have.I know a foreigner who is dating a total stunner, but he's actually really famous.Other successful foreigners (in business) here are not so lucky.If you are looking for true love, there are better site available that will help you and will make personal contact with you.Also be aware that the site wants you to book a date, this cost about 0 US, but it does not guarantee a meeting and you dont get money back, also the agencies send call requests, but it is not the lady talking it is the agencies.I was not so sure that it will be smooth sailing when I joined this site. Have patience and you may meet the one you are looking for. The agencies income was proportional to the number of women who joined, so some recruited friends and neighbours, took their pics and loaded them up.I would like to stay around on this site alone because of the good service it provides. Establish a supposed relationship with a woman for one month. Come back in four months and you will have the answer. My wife joined for free in this manner with some friends, her classmate ran the local agency : D This was about 8 years ago.This site was recommended by a friend who wanted me to get back in the dating game.Although I hesitated at first, Im not stopping now.You may come across more beautiful women elsewhere but I am happy with site, its more comfortable. This website is easy to use and I had no difficulty searching any type I want, its like a checklist. I eventually managed to get her direct contact (and some others) and we chatted on QQ.I did not have a tough time breaking the ice with my matches and now we are more than good friends. A beautiful woman chatted with me here and I am having a blast getting to know her. I met a few of those ladies in China, most had paid for membership and were really looking for a husband, but they never read or received admirer letters, they were handled entirely by translators, except for one or two of the couple of dozens I talked to.

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