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Both this lesson and Lesson 4.3—The Periodic Table and Energy Level Models both use the atom description cards. You will also need the card in the upper right corner. Tape each of the 20 atom name cards to a spot in the room where students can place the cards that match that atom nearby.

For Lesson 4.3, you will need the atom name card, taped in the same location in the room, and the four cards beneath it.

Students will identify different atoms by the number of protons in the nucleus and realize that the number of electrons equals the number of protons in a neutral atom.

They will also be able to explain the meaning of atomic number and atomic mass.

For example, you may have a card that says that the atom you are looking for has 5 neutrons.

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Students will begin to look closely at the periodic table.

If you need evidence, take a look at how elements behave at a party: Googling some ideas for a valentine’s day chemistry lesson, I came across a really great idea from a wiki set up by a school in the USA and have decided to use the idea and adapt it slightly so it addresses what students need to know about atomic structure and ionic bonding for GCSE. Assign each student an element, whose role they take during the lesson.

I would stick to group 1, 2, 6 and 7 elements and avoid high atomic numbers (as the students will be drawing the structures).

You can throw in a few group 3 if you want to make bonding diagrams a little more tricky but best to avoid group 8s as they do not enjoy any form of social activity.

If you have a mixed sex class you may wish to make one sex metals and the other non-metals but be aware of the high probability of sexual innuendos involving bonding and filling shells (I will let you use your imagination here).

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