Chef jamie lauren dating

The 27-year-old publicist, who was announced as the franchise's new...Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton may have actually predicted her future life — becoming royal and marrying Prince William — at just 13 years old.When you put it all together, it is seriously the best pumpkin cake recipe ever.

“They are also obsessed with their pet dog Ralph – who they both dote over and regularly post pictures of on social media.

Fans watched the couple of six years disagree over...

Dance superstar Maddie Ziegler has even more reason to celebrate the first of every January. In a candid new interview, Caitlyn Jenner candidly admitted the difficulties she's faced trying to stay close to her children today.

This gorgeously stacked cake is the BEST PUMPKIN CAKE YOU WILL EVER EAT.

That is why it is rightly named the Pumpkin Dream Cake.

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