Cheating in dating relationships

If she wanted to do or try anything or was just curious and wanted to talk about fantasies, she should have been open with me and had me be her partner she made vows with.I wouldn't go for swinging or even tempting fate by playing with a site but she should have talked to me about it before even considering doing anything.

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How would you react if she said that she had no intent to cheat but was just there for entertainment?I would have a hard time not divorcing and she would have her work cut out for her trying to convince me to give her another chance.I think either gender doing this is very stupid and self destructive.There's so much else going on there that I don't know that it matters much.Whether he cheated or not or whether his wife considers even visiting these sites is fatal, he pretty clearly doesn't much value the relationship.Going by your description of it being for entertainment, I just can't understand it being for entertainment.Before I became exclusive with the woman I am with now, I did peruse profiles to learn, but it was not at all like watching tv or surfing the web as entertainment.HGTV and Lifetime Network are dedicated to providing entertainment to women.A woman would only maintain an active account on a dating/sex site to be approached and propositioned by other men. I can think of a reason or two otherwise, but those would be very rare.I was with a girl (we were seeing each other, not formally dating) last year for about 8 months.She decided I was taking too long to decide if I wanted to be super serious, and started dating someone else. One of my other best friends just had major surgery.

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