Catholic dating new testament

Later smaller and more delicate cursive script was used, minuscule letters.

The most important manuscripts of the whole New Testament are parchments written in majuscules.

Different customs, ideas and symbols were adopted, and old customs, ideas and symbols were interpreted in new, different ways.

As a result the New Testament writers, too, are different, and sometimes separatistic as well.

Because the Apostle Peter did not wish to offend Jewish Christians who were strict about the purity code he refrained from eating meals with non-Jewish Christians at the same table.

In doing so he succeeded in offending the Apostle Paul, who was the host at table.

Some of the New Testament Apocrypha were read until the Middle Ages and published during the Renaissance.

The oldest parchment manuscripts are written on large-size in majuscule or uncial letters.

It also rejected the literature that promoted such ideas. In the study of early Christian literature outside the New Testament the term 'New Testament Apocrypha' is used.

This means a mixed group of writings which have survived in a variety of ways and which only modern scholarship has attempted to include under a common heading.

From a still earlier phase come a number of papyrus manuscripts.

This writing material was prepared from the reed plant of the same name, and its most important producing country was Egypt.

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