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If this component was not required in the BOM, then the component type can be set to Graphical.

A graphical component is not included during schematic electrical verification, it is not included in the BOM, nor is it checked during schematic to PCB synchronization.

What do designers use as part of their daily arsenal in their approaches to design verification in order to be confident that their design is ready for PCB layout?

Another special class of component that is frequently used in verification would be a test point - this component is required on both the schematic and the PCB, it should be checked during design synchronization, but is not required in the BOM.During compilation, checks are made to see how relationships are defined, to validate the relationship between the models and the symbols and to bundle them into a single integrated library.This file can not be directly edited after compilation, further offering portability and security.Altium Designer supports this through the Component Type property, set in the dialog (in the library or on the schematic).For example, the presentation and readability of your schematic might be enhanced for design checking by including a chassis mounted component that is wired to the PCB.No engineer is a robot and many details can influence the quality.Time-to-market stress is another major element that can create bad designs and nearly every company, regardless of their product and application, is faced with it.Verification refers to those activities and procedures that ensure that a design is being correctly implemented.Validation refers to a slightly different set of activities that ensure a design is traceable to a certain set of requirements. More easily said: Verification - "Are we building the product right? "As mentioned before, the scope of this article will focus on verification activities specific to electronic design in the pre-PCB layout phase, when problems are often the most difficult to find and require real diligence on the part of the designer.SPICE and other model files) are compiled into a single file.Using integrated libraries are a great way to start as they save tremendous time when verifying datasheets and footprints in a library.

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