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In the background can be seen his hut, some palm trees, other foliage, and animals.

Though it has a cartouche for for a monogram, it has never been engraved.

It was in Calcutta, in 1790, that the British East India Company first began the trading business that would, by 1858, lead to its control over all of India. was the first British silversmith to set up shop in Calcutta. C./ on his promotion”; Reference: Jackson, Sir Charles J. Colaba is one of the seven islands that comprises Bombay, its name deriving from Kolabhat, the language of Kolis, the indigenous inhabitants of the islands before the arrival of Portuguese and, later, the British.

The pieces they produced in Calcutta, mainly for British consumption, were of polished silver with smooth lines and minimal decoration. The casket has been profusely embossed with human and animal figures against a landscape of foliage and buildings worked in the typically Calcutta style of the Colonial period.

Grish Chunder Dutt was the finest silversmith in Calcutta.

This charming sweetmeats bowl, in the Calcutta style, depicts a village scene of a farmer harvesting the crops in his field.

The hallmark on the bottom of each piece reads There were several silversmith shops in Bhovanipore, in Calcutta, in the period from about 1850-1900.

This charming set of bowls is designed with the typical Calcutta silversmith’s village scene, farm animals, and huts surrounded by trees.

The matching teaspoon is engraved “BIH.” None of the pieces is hallmarked.The coffeepot retains the original, ebonized, mushroom-form finial atop a turned pedestal base.Set above, to one side, is a single elephant, and, to the other, is a lone farmer amid trees and rolling hills.In the background can be seen his hut, some palm trees, and other foliage.A ruffled rim ornaments the piece, which—atypically for most Indian silver not made in Anglo Indian ateliers—bears a signature set in a fan-shaped design.A bowl with much of the coriander-leaf pattern for which Kutch was known, but with a departure from Kutch style in the Calcutta-style foliage and ogee-shaped, medallion-framed scenes of havelis and shrines.This double-ended spirits measure is of Calcutta origin.There is a conforming leaf cap and in-cut center, and an ebonized handle.Its only “hallmark,” as shown, is the words “Sterling Silver.” It is unusual for 19th-century Indian silver to be so marked.), but that, before the second bowl was completed, he ended his association with that shop and left to open a shop on his own. I will follow wherever love takes me away from Bengal with my lover & never return. My ideal mate should be a fun-loving person who loves anime, manga, music, movies, art or anything that can kead to a decent conversation.

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