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Still, Matthias notes, "There is absolutely no nudity or potentially offensive content on Bad, which is what sets our shopping experience apart from other sites." She says that their store allows "women and couples to purchase relationship enhancers in a tasteful, mainstream environment." While the revenue stream is surely nice, Matthias says that one of the most satisfying aspects of owning the company is "when our customers follow up with us and let us know that Bad Fun helped them to bring the spark back into their relationship." Romantic-Minded Entrepreneur: Jani Zubkovs, 51 What the business does: Sells the trademarked Tonight's the Night "love kit" Founded: 1996 Location: Long Island, New York Employees: 0; Zubkovs outsources everything There's something about this business: Eleven years ago, Zubkovs began selling his "love kit," which consists of aspirin, a shot glass, a moist towelette, love gel, a candle and a condom.

She has catered meals in the back of a limousine for a surprise birthday, as well as in someone's hot tub and another person's hammock.

"No," says Levs, "but I did have one guy who started to work with me, and we met and started planning. He talked to me about how difficult and painful it was." Levs concedes that someday, a "no" is almost inevitable, but until then, he's going to keep helping create magical moments for couples.

"Love is life's greatest experience, the reason to live," says Levs, who, yes, is happily married.

It's a lot easier." Romantic-Minded Entrepreneur: Amy Graybeal, 25 What the business does: Arranges romantic travel for couples Founded: 2005 Location: Atlanta Employees: 1 There's something about this business: Graybeal's business began as an assignment at Georgia Tech in 2004.

An overachiever, she turned the full-fledged business plan into an actual business.

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