Bruise age dating chart high schooler dating a college student

A panel of 15 reviewers, all with child protection expertise, conducted two independent reviews of each paper.

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Scanning the titles for duplicates and relevancy reduced the total to 1495.

The bruises were photographed on day 1, and 10 children (14 bruises) were re-photographed 3–9 days later.

The photographs were carried out in a standardised manner; a standardised colour chart was included.

The quality of evidence is described in terms of study type and whether gold standard criteria were met, namely: where the exact age of injury was known, whether inter/intra-observer discrepancy was rated, whether the observer was blinded to the time of injury, whether abuse and predisposing medical causes for bruising were excluded, whether children only were assessed, and whether the population was representative.

We have provided a detailed qualitative summary of the critical appraisal of each included paper on the website.

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