Brother dating girlfriends sister

: P there's nothing wrong about your brother ( is he a younger brother? :) If he likes the girl, then let him do what he wants to do. I mean, just because he's your brother doesn't mean you have to forbid him.

) dating your gf's sister as long as his intention is clean and will not just play around, as it'll have an effect on you if he does.. In my oppionion you shouldn`t even worry about this .. For me, it must be cool if you're all connected to each other so you can group date or something like that without the feeling uneasiness.

It will be the girls who will share every thing they feel about you guys if they are close sisters and may compare if thay are like that but if not it could be great. Don't encourage it because what if they find that they are truely in love and want to get married.

Step Sister Catches You Jerking Off In Her Room D10.

At some point, my ex and I have had feelings for each other, shared special moments together and all...of a sudden I'm trying to experience the same thing with my ex's sister?

In the event that it does happen, I know the relationship with my ex's sister won't lead to anything serious.babadudu: No, I can't date my ex-lover's sister.

What am really asking is:- For the ladies, if you can date your [former] guy's brother.- For you guys, if you can date your [former] girl's sister. I have not said it is right or wrong to go out with your ex's sibling.

But if you have to do it, then we must examine your state of mind and conclude you certainly need to visit a psychiatric doctor.

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