Boundaries in dating video

You should feel comfortable honestly communicating your needs to your partner without being afraid of what they might do in response.

A simple, “Hey, I really like it when you…” or “I’m not comfortable when we…” lets them know what’s up. Just remember: if you don’t want to talk about your boundaries with your partner because you’re afraid they’ll react with anger or violence, that’s a warning sign that your relationship might be unhealthy or abusive. It’s important to recognize that healthy boundaries help to protect and respect you; an unhealthy boundary seeks to control or harm someone else.

Start by paying attention to how you feel about and react to situations around you, whether in real life or in shows or movies you watch. How can you and your partner know each other’s boundaries? Communication is really key in a healthy relationship, and boundaries are an important part of an ongoing conversation between you and your partner.

Talking about boundaries can happen whenever, wherever!

In a healthy relationship, partners respect each other’s boundaries once they’ve been communicated. A healthy boundary would be: “I need space to hang out with my friends and do things I enjoy on my own.” But if your partner says, “I need you to stop talking to other guys/girls because you might cheat/I get jealous,” that’s not a healthy boundary; it’s a warning sign that your partner may have some trust issues and is trying to control who you hang out with. It’s normal for boundaries to shift as we gain more life experience or get more comfortable in our relationships.

And if you’re ever not clear on your partner’s boundaries, just ask! Here are some more great examples of healthy/unhealthy boundaries! We might not be okay with something at the beginning of a relationship, but we might be totally cool with it a few months down the line.

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