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Organized robbery also occurs, where criminals operating in groups will distract victims by staging a fight, starting a conversation, offering help, blocking a sidewalk or throwing an object or liquid on the victims, while accomplices steal from them.Individuals have been lured by very young children to a location where they are then robbed. Criminals often pose as police officers and then ask to examine the traveller’s belongings or ask the traveller to accompany them to a bogus police station, sometimes in collusion with a criminal posing as a taxi driver or another passenger.When travelling near Rurrenabaque in the Bolivian Andes, in Los Yungas and on the Inca trails, remain in large groups and only join tours organized by reputable tour operators.In the Chapare area between Santa Cruz and Cochabamba and in Los Yungas region, northeast of La Paz, violence (such as carjackings) and civil unrest, mainly associated with drug trafficking, may cause risks to travellers.The Copacabana–Desaguadero route should be avoided after 2 p.m.When travelling from Copacabana to La Paz, take direct buses to avoid transferring at the Desaguadero border crossing.

Violent crimes and armed robberies against foreigners also occur in the Santa Cruz bus/train terminal.

Be particularly vigilant when entering Bolivia at all land border crossings with Argentina, Chile and Peru.

Radio taxis hailed on the street have also been involved in express kidnappings.

There is a high level of crime on buses, in taxis and at transportation hubs.

Exercise vigilance in La Paz bus terminals, especially the one near the La Paz cemetery and the main bus terminal (located on Peru Avenue in Zona Norte).

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