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But two years ago, she found that something didn’t quite fit.“I was unhappy,” She explains, “and not in like a boo-hoo, woah is me kind of way, but I was like fuck! ” April’s eyes were wide as she talked about her transition from interior to fashion design.Selling her business, April launched April Pride, her label that began with various iterations of that very dress.The transition into her new career didn’t come easily – with two young boys, April made a move that took her from consistent, stable income, to something more unpredictable.But I must take this opportunity to underscore the fact that I still continue to be mesmerized by women based on these standard, sometimes vapid, values. Asking her to be profiled made my hands tremble – because I still place women on a pedestal, allowing their stories to get clouded with my revere, and the things I assume as a result of that revere.But back to the woman herself - with a degree in architecture and a Masters from Parsons, April began her career in interior design.And she also acknowledges the necessity of having help amidst the change: “My decision making is different than a lot of people because, well, my mortgage is paid.I still get to go on a sunny vacation each year.” She explained. She has a unique perspective, and is profoundly honest.

We don’t want to allow the vulnerable bits to peek through.

“I raised a huge amount of money for an elephant in Kenya – and when I handed that check over, it was actually the proudest moment of my life.”Kirsten is a woman with innumerable angles – alongside every woman I have ever prematurely judged.

It’s a continued lesson, to keep an open mind instead of categorizing a person because of the facts you might have about them.

She is astutely self aware, and even a little self-deprecating at times.

“A lot of people don’t know this, but I’m really goofy.” She confesses.

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