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Minpunten As with any growing field, competition is a huge factor.

While I felt more compelled to complete tasks that were requested with a sense of urgency, there were some that considered the delivery a bit harsh.

Knowledgeable, hard working staff with a "can do attitude". Educational and mentoring environment provides a great chance to grow professionally.

Pluspunten A constant level of enthusiasm and emphasis on both professional and personal achievement.

Fast paced environment with a consistent goal to exceed our clients expectations.

CEO sets the bar high for great outcomes but does so in a teaching & mentoring manor.

High level of energy and respect between staff and employees.

Never stop the recognition & reward when we go above & beyond.

Pluspunten Office culture was great - because they hire good staff and they all get along well. Run by a strong leader who truly cares about his reputation - to clients. Minpunten Everyone is proud of the work they do there - but everyone knows the one big draw back - is the CEO, having to deal with his tirades.

We are very transparent about the results of the work we do for clients and utilizing all our talent to be successful.

Pluspunten Freedom to be creative, opportunities to participate in strategy, CEO open to hearing new ideas.

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