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Tom get's involved with the family business, his first night is a little rough.

Some how he has to find a balance between being a sixteen year old student and being in a relationship in with very own twin brother, which is against every single gang rule.

How long can the twin's keep face before they both crack?

Tom Kaulitz has gained a reputation as being cold, ruthless, straightforward and harshly direct. It is a story of learning to love yourself when you never have before.

Dopo la data unica data a Milano dello scorso il 17 marzo e dopo la pubblicazione di "Dream Machine" (qua la nostra recensione), i Tokio Hotel tornano in Italia il prossimo autunno per quattro date.

La band tedesca sarà Padova il 9 novembre al Gran Teatro Geox, a Napoli il 10 novembre alla Casa della Musica, a Venaria Reale (Torino) domenica 12 novembre al Teatro della Concordia e a Bologna lunedì 13 novembre all’ Estragon.

What he finds is a new love and with that comes a bunch of lies.

^^ My name is Kiim, 16 years old and I live in Belgium.

I write my blogs in English because my french isn't so good.

Tokio Hotel is represented by Premier Business Management Group, Inc.

Alternative rock, electronic rock, pop rock, pop punk, emo, electronic pop, powerpop Vocals UMG, Polydor Records, Starwatch Music, De-Code Ltd.

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