Auto added space in field while updating table in database

Is there something I do to the form or table so that whenever i change a field in the table the form also reflects this change.Hi and welcome Try the 'Refresh' statement for the form.For example, suppose you specify the Number data type for a field because you need to calculate sales figures.If someone tries to enter text in that field, Access displays an error message and will not let that user save the changed record, a step that helps protect your figures.

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Unique ID -- use the appropriate column for joining JOIN deleted AS d ON i. I changed your provided example, ran the script and it was successful, however, what it did was to update the ZLast Sale date on all Customers with todays date.

If you mean changing a field name then the answer is no.

Also some changes to datatype and format will not automatically be updated.

Trading Date Hello, Thank you so much for your input and response.

Also, when I tested entering a new transaction with a date of 30/05/2014 it didn’t update the required ZLast Sale field.

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