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And guess what, we at CTSA do plein air painting, open to everybody, free, no obligation. And by the way, their Art Center is full of lovely art by local artists, some of whom you probably know.And amusing greeting cards by one of us, Pam Morgan (I bought some). I particularly want to paint the greenhouse again (no, I didn't paint the version below but wish I had...).The Guilford Art League promotes an interest in the arts and provides support for regional artists. In 1947, a group of local artists exhibited their artwork hanging from a clothesline strung across the Guilford Green.We have over 200 members from all over Connecticut. Today, the League continues to promote the visual arts.

I started with Harkness tower because it’s striking; it was the centerpiece of Yale when I went to school there.

Then since I had the bridge I put cars on it, giving it a further sense of scale.

Then I thought the bottom was a little empty so I put in a tsunami."I knew from the start I wasn’t just going to do New Haven.

If I were a photographer it would be called a photo-montage.

Each original drawing is done with micro-pens of various diameters and points, on archival drawing paper.

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