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Even to the literally initiated, those who have participated in sorority rush several times over themselves, the scene can be unsettling, dredging up memories of the worst week of the year.(Anyone who disagrees is lying.) The girls in that Alpha Delta Pi video will probably execute their routine a dozen more times that day, for several days. They’re packed in that doorframe like sardines; some schools have even banned this formation due to reported injuries, ranging in severity from minor cuts and bruises to concussions.For those who are used to in-group status, or who seek in-group status after being denied it earlier in their teens, Greek life promises not just a sense of self, but a sense of belonging.

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The rush process involves several rounds and can last anywhere from a couple of days to a whole week depending on the size of the university and the number of women going through recruitment.

At the University of Alabama, which hosts 17 NPC sororities, a record 93 percent of recruits got bids in 2016, but at a smaller school like Cornell, with 13 sororities, only 69 percent of recruits were offered membership.

And, of course, some houses are more desirable than others, even if no one wants to admit it.

Fraternities and sororities offer a quick solution to the “who am I? Rush at the beginning of your freshman year and get a brand new label before you even step foot inside a classroom.

It’s an identity to assume during those first few weeks of endless introductions: It provides you with activities to partake in and people who are obligated to socialize with you.

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