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The many women who appear in his videos along with him are, according to him, women who reach out to him through his social media pages.

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According to Kingtblak, many of the women who act in his videos were simply curious and wanted to explore their sexuality.Women who are involved in activities that are deemed 'immoral' face the brunt of society's judgement.Homemade in Naija Technically speaking, making porn is illegal in Nigeria. Online forums have mentioned a proposed law to ban porn websites but there is nothing concrete.And if sex sells, it also definitely draws a crowd.Followers of these Twitter sites range from the thousands to the tens of thousands.For Kingtblak, facing daily criticism, arrest by the police and harassment from owners of the hotels where some of his pornographic videos are shot, it is all in a day's work.Yet he continues because there is a demand, as the 179 000 people that follow him on Instagram will testify.Wild on Twitter Responding to a new 'follow' on my Twitter account sometime last year lead me to several Twitter pages dedicated to sharing explicit content, including photographs and [email protected]_Erotica boasts that it is 'Nigeria's Number One Porn Site to Act, Watch or Download Free Naija Homemade Sex Clips,' even though attempts to visit its website ( yield an error message.According to Kingtblak, who has been making videos on his i Phone since May 2016, Nigerians will do anything for good money - and this includes getting naked in front of a camera.Kingtblak identifies as an entrepreneur: He saw a gap in the production of pornographic content in Nigeria and rose to fill it.

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