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Um, I could have lived without that.") After her odds-defying start, the Canadian-born, New Zealand--raised teachers' daughter moved from set to set with her family.But always being the new girl at school took a toll. "I found it paralyzing to talk to new people." Instead of going for teen fare, she chose parts in edgy movies like films, which established her as a sci-fi heartthrob."Honestly, I usually get cast in interesting roles where being aesthetically pleasing is a bonus--not as the bombshell girlfriend who doesn't get to do much," she says with disarming candor.

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She strolled onto the set of REDBOOK's cover shoot, a vision in black from her loose tank top to her skinny-fit jeans. The just-turning-30 star of HBO's vampire saga, couldn't seem to make a go of the short shorts and clingy tops we'd brought for her. She fixed us with her hypnotic mahogany eyes and posed like a pro, alternately splashing in a pool, stretching out on the grass, and leaning into our lens on a lawn chair. I honestly don't know why it's such big news when an actress gets pregnant." In fact, Anna seems a little nervous, as if talking too much might jinx her happiness. "But we're still feeling a little protective of the whole thing. " In a world of reality stars who are too happy to flaunt their baby bumps and hawk nursery pictures to the highest bidder, Anna's reserve is refreshing.

For me, it was cutting myself some slack and not trying to be something that I think is perfect or ideal." Not surprisingly, the instant she learned to accept herself, Anna also found love--right beside her.

"I'm not sure why people are shocked when actors end up with each other," says Anna of Moyer, who is 12 years her senior and has two children.

"We had read the books," she says of the series' graphic content.

"We knew what we were getting into." And obviously, she has no regrets."She's made such a total transformation," adds Ball, though Anna says she still doesn't like a sex symbol.

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