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Plant macrofossils, charcoal, wood, peat, seeds, cloth, paper, leather, soil, bone and ivory make up the palette of sample types that we deal although basically, if it's organic it can be dated.In addition, shales (carbonates), lime mortar and some secondary carbonates in sediments and soils may be suitable for dating.Established in 1967 at Glasgow University, the Radiocarbon Laboratory has been based at SUERC since 1986.The laboratory has the capacity to prepare up to 34 graphite targets per day for AMS dating, with approximately 30% of the targets produced contributing to our in-house Quality Assurance programme.Laboratory staff members have several decades of collective experience in radiocarbon dating, thus ensuring good continuity of the quality of the analytical service.

The analyses are processed with a Leco CHN628 elemental analyzer.By assessing the amount of 14C in a plant or animal, we can identify how long it has been since it last took in carbon.There are a couple things which make this a bit more difficult. It is important to remember that any radiocarbon date is a probability - not an absolute answer.The ratio of the first two - 12C and 13C - can tell us about the diet of an animal, or the drought-resistance of a plant.The third radioactive isotope, 14C, has a half-life of 5,730 years.In addition to taking an active part in a number of research projects, the laboratory carries out age measurements under contract to Historic Environment Scotland.We also provide a radiocarbon dating service to national museums, academic staff in a large number of universities worldwide, and many UK and European commercial archaeology units.This can include collagen extraction, sample purification, and the removal of contaminants.Our dating process automatically includes macrofloral identification if it is a plant sample.The laboratory can provide advice on sample selection, full sample pretreatment and graphite target preparation, stable isotope measurement, C analysis at the SUERC AMS Laboratory and subsequent calibration of results to the calendar timescale.If requested, the laboratory's chronological modelling team can additionally create a Bayesian site-model.

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