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I'd never had a focus or a reason to push it before, and I ended up with this fucking ton of work [laughs]. I'm recording a Dead Weather record, and a Kills record, and I have been for the past year.

It's a big ol' bunch of juggling, but it's been awesome. Here's the thing with painting that's always been so appealing to me: As a musician, you spend a lot of time waiting on the road. I always paint in mediums that dry pretty quickly because I've got to throw them in my suitcase and go.

As you may or may not know, Alison Mosshart, already the apotheosis of contemporary rockstar cool, is also an amazing visual artist, painting and sketching while on tour, in hotel rooms, on the bus, even backstage.

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I'm inspired by being in a different town every day—all the people I meet, all the things I see. The pictures aren't going to be narrative to another person, but they certainly are to me. This is the scary thing, showing it, because for the most part, none of it was intended this way.When the pair convenes to work on a new album, the writing sessions get intense.Kicking back in the mood-lit, mod-plush lobby of the Bowery Hotel in New York City’s East Village, Jamie Hince is still riding a wave of adrenaline from last night’s sold-out show across the river in Brooklyn. “Everyone came back up to the dressing room after the show, and it was my perfect little environment—all my friends there, and I’m just DJ’ing, and everyone was dancing. Bet Kate never had this problem when she was dating Pete Doherty... Such a shame, too; it was only last November that Kate and Alison were reported to have ended their previous feud.Alison Mosshart declares her love for her Kills band mate Jamie Hince Let's hope Kate Moss has been staying away from all press whilst in Thailand - she might need another holiday to get over what her boyfriend's band mate has been saying... Speaking to Vogue, Alison Mosshart, who used to date Jamie Hince before he got together with Kate, explained: "Jamie and I are like a ridiculous married couple. The whole room was packed and dancing to reggae, and it was so lovely. ” Alison Mosshart, sprawled a bit sleepily in the highback chair across from Hince, perks up at the mention of the genre-busting poet and singer, once dubbed “the angriest punk of the ’70s” by the local paper of record. “I met her on the stairs backstage and she was so …There was something grotesque if not downright alarming about the portraits on the wall.“I don’t usually bother responding to ridiculous fabricated tabloid rumours, but this one is particularly grotesque,” she said.“The stories circulating from a UK tabloid of a ‘fist fight’, or Jack punching me, or the two of us ‘being at each others throats’ are untrue.

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