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I could not be more happy with my experience and would recommend her to anyone. Alina alerted us of a whole new neighborhood to check which ended up being exactly the kind of environment that met our needs.

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Alina even went back with me to an apartment to see it a second time in the evening, just so that I could get a better feel for it before making a decision on it.While I ended up renting in Astoria, I would definitely recommend Alina as a real estate agent that I would trust with my next move.This was my first time apartment hunting, and Alina made it a pleasure.I am looking for a man who shares some of my interests , he should be sure of himself and intelligent. He must be intellectual, spiritual, ambitious and strong... I wish that my man has the courage to be compassionate, the passion to be faithful, and the self-awareness to listen without judgment.just the way I am and he must respect my Ukrainian Soul! I long to meet someone with gorgeous soul who has a warm heart and a strong sense of self.Experience, wisdom, kindness, and respect towards others Are what is truly valuable in life.Across the miles comes my letter to say for man :" I'm not looking for a perfect man--just the man who is perfect for me."Three things never can be reversed: time, the uttered word, and youthful beauty! ” I dont ask for much..I can give a lot for a good man.She always texted or emailed me with all the answers I needed as soon as she could ! Alina is quite possibly one of the best brokers I've come into contact with.I enjoyed how genuinely kind and friendly she was to me every time we spoke. She was professional, friendly, and patient throughout, and was very easy to communicate with.I brought Alina my wish list and she made sure to show me what I was looking for, plus she advocated for me in a competitive market. My husband and I have been looking at a few apartments in the Queens-Sunnyside area with Alina, and I have to say she is one of the best realtors we've ever worked with!She is extremely responsive and accommodating as well as just an all-around pleasant and honest person! We are so happy with the apartment we found through Alina especially we have been looking since January and it became exhausting.

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