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We’ve all heard about dads who joke, “I’ll get my gun out if any boy comes around.” But I find it strange that I rarely hear of any fathers or mothers giving wise council to these young men & women.Where are the fathers & mothers that know how to handle a guy who wants to date their daughters?While this creates similarities, it does not make you equals.Your age, stage in life and experiences are not the same as hers nor is your role in her life.She got up in the middle of the night, slamming the front door as she left for her boyfriend's house. Sunday she called saying, I should have respected her enough to let her know if my boyfriend was going to be over so she could stay away.The couple of times that I have seen her in passing, she will not acknowledge my presence.

You may need to start skipping the traditional Thursday through Sunday bar scene with the girls to appease his lifestyle.

Financial issues are the number one reason for divorce.

Realizing your new boyfriend is just a few years younger than your father is a harsh reality.

An older man usually has an established work, social and home life. Older men are often looking for something consistent. You won’t catch yourself with lingering thoughts of other lovers or competition.

As a younger, or transitioning individual, this stability may be exactly what you need. You can be sure that he won’t play games like millennials, since he’s past his prime player years. Mature men have refined tastes, and that isn’t limited to his pallet. Advice and wisdom will be readily available from someone who isn’t your parent, but is equally wise.

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