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The sexual activity basically ranged from having oral sex to having vaginal sex.Initially, it seemed that they would try to provide some privacy for the people who were engaging in sex but in most times since it all took place in one room there was very little room for privacy.Like here was this small town in the larger metro area where one would not expect something like that to happen. And one of the things that was striking was that, at least from Dr.

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So people would be sexually active while others would watch.

This would then subsequently result in some of the young men asking one or more women to engage in sex with each other when they would watch.

And I think some of that had to do with the level of comfort in terms of telling me what actually was taking place. And also it's very easy to sensationalize these kinds of activities.

You could pick out one event and say "oh let me tell you" and "listen what these girls did." So I want to be very careful and state very clearly that these are incidents.

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