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mm If you have issues viewing or accessing this file contact us at National Criminal Justice Reference Service ncjrs This microfiche was produced from documents received for inclusion in the NCJRS data base.

Since NCJRS cannot exercise control over the physical condition of the documents submitted, on the individual frame quality will vary. (Ed Cain, Inc., & Rigid Plastics, Inc.) Carolina Boat Co.

H Household appliances (includes dishwashers, freezers, ranges) M Musical Instruments 0 Office equipment (includes dictation machines, photocopiers, typewriters) P Personal accessories (includes badges, credentials, jewelry) R Radio, TV, and sound entertainment devices (includes microphones) S Sports equipment (includes pool tables and skis) V Viewing equipment (includes binoculars, microscopes, rifle scopes) Y Items listed in dictionary as Y or items not listed in dictionary at all 1-2 NCIC CODE MANUAL PART 1 Article Name Dictionary ARTICLE DATA CODES SECTION 2 — TYPE CODES Article Name Accordion Accounting Machine Adaptor Adding Machine Addressing Machine Air Compressor Air Conditioner Air File (tool) Airgun (hammer) Airhandling Unit Airline Ticket Air Ratchet Ai rspade Alarm Al ternator Altimeter Ammeter Amplifier (including music) Analyzer Angle Answering Device, Telephone Antenna Aqualung Arc Welder Attache Case Attenuator Audiometer Auger Autoharp Automatic Pilot Automobile Inspection Sticker Auto Winder for Camera Backhoe Badge Balancer Balancer, Wheel Baler, Hay Ball Banjo Bank Officer's Check Baritone Barometer Bass Bassoon Battery Battery Charger, Automobile Battery Charger, Nonautomobile BB Gun Bed Beeper Bells, Marching Band or Orchestra Bicycle Binder Binoculars Bit Blender Blower Boat, Sail Bolt Cutter Book , Food Stamp Cod e MACCORD OACCOUN EADAPTO □ADDING OADDRES ECOMPRE HAIRCON EAIRFIL EHAMMER EAIRHAN YAIRTIC ERATCHE EAIRSPA EALARM AALTERN EALTIME EAMMETE RAMPLIF EANALYZ E ANGLE RTELANS RANTENN SSCUBA EWELDER PCASE EATTENU EAUDIOM EAUGER MAUTOHA EAUTOPI YSTICKE CWINDER (Vehicle File) PBADGE EBALANC EWHEELB (Vehicle File) SBALL MBANJO (Do not enter) MBARITO EBAROME MBASS MBASSOO ABATTER ACHARGE ECHARGE YBBGUN HBED RPAGER MBELLS BBICYCL EBINDER VBINOCU EBIT HBLENDE EBLOWER (Boat File) EBOLTCU YBOOK Article Name Booster, Power Bow Bowl (silver) Box, Cable TV Converter Bracelet Brake Breaker Brief Case/ Attache Case Broom (electric) Buffer, Floor Bugle Bug Light Bui I dozer Bulletproof Vest Cabinet Cable TV Box Cable TV Converter (HBO Control Unit) Cable TV Decoder Cable TV Lasher Calculator Cal iper Camera Camera Back Camera Body Camera Case Camera F i 1 ter Camera Motor Drive Camera Winder, Auto or Power Camper Canoe Can Opener Cape Carburetor Cardiograph Carpet Cleaner (steam) Cartridge, stereo Tone Arm Cashier's Check Cash Register Casting Machine Cattle Cello Cement Mixer Certified Check Chain Saw Chair, Massage Therapy Channel Selector Charger, Battery Automobile Charger, Battery Nonautnmobi le Checks; Bank Officer's, Cashier's Checks; Certified, Company Checks; Government (Fed, state, local Checks; Personal, US Treasury Check Protector Checkwriter Chisel 1-3 NCIC CODE MANUAL PART 1 ARTICLE DATA CODES SECTION 2 -- TYPE CODES 2.2 Article Name Dictionary Article Name Code Chronometer ECHRONO Cigarette Lighter PLIGHTE Citizens Band Radio RCBRADI Clarinet MCLARIN Cleaner, Steam Carpet ESTEAMC Cleaner, Vacuum HVACUUM Cl ippers ECLIPPE Clock HCLOCK Clock, Time ETIMECL Clothes Dryer HDRYER Coat PCOAT Coffee Maker HCOFFEE Compactor, Construction ECOMPAC Compactor, Trash HCOMPAC Company Check (Do not enter) Compass ECOMPAS Composer OTYPEWR Compressor ECOMPRE Comptograph OCOMPTO Computer OCOMPUT Computer Terminal OTERMIN Condenser ECONDEN Construction Compactor ECOMPAC Container, Shipping YCONTAI Controller ECONTRO Converter, Cable TV RCABLEC Converter, FM RFMCONV Conveyor ECONVEY Copy Machine OCOPIER Cornet MCORNET Couch HCOUCH Counter ECOUNTE Coupler ECOUPLE Coupon, Food Stamp YSTAMP Cow YCATTLc Crane (Vehicle File) Credential PCREDEN Credit Card (Do not enter) Crossover (for stereo system) RCROSSO Cultivator, Farm ETILLER Cutter, Hedge EHEDGEC Cutter, Sod ESODCUT Cutter, Weed EWEEDER Cutting Torch ETORCH Cycle Frame AFRAME Cymbal MCYMBAL Deck, Tape (deck only) RTAPEDE Decoder, Cable TV RCABLEC Def ibri 1 lator EDEFIBR Dehumidi f ier HDEHUMI Demodulator EDEMODU Dental Handpiece EHANDPI Depthfinder (Depthsounder ) EDEPTHF Desk ODESK Detector, Metal EMETALD Detector , Radar EDETECT Device, Telephone- Answer ing RTELANS Dictating Machine ODICTAT Die Tool Set EDIESET Digger, Mobil (Vehicle File) Article Name Code Digger, Post-Hole EPOST Direction Finder, Radio RDIRECT Dish (silver) HSILVER Dishwasher HDISHWA Disposal, Garbage HDISPOS Ditto Machine OCOPIER Dog YDOG Door Opener , Garage EDOOROP Drafting Machine ODRAFTI Drill EDRILL Drill Press EDRILLP Drum MDRUM Dryer, Clothes HDRYER Dryer, Hair PDRYER Dryer, Photo CDRYER Dupl icator OCOPIER Dwel 1 Meter EDWELLM Earphone RHEADSE Earrings PEARRIN Edger EEDGER Editor, Film or Video Tape CEDITOR Electric Broom HVACUUM Electronic Television Game RTVGAME Engine, Nonvehicle EENGINE Engine, Vehicle (Vehicle File) Engraver EENGRAV Enlarger CENLARG Equalizer (stereo/sound equipment) REQUALI Equalizer (equipment not stereo/sound) EEQUALI Evaporator SEVAPOR Exercise Equipment SEXERCI Expander, Range RRANGEE Explosives YEXPLOS Exposure Meter CEXPOSE Fan EFAN Farm Cultivator ECULTIV Fathometer E FATHOM Fiddle MVIOLIN Field Glasses VBINOCU Figure, Figurine YFIGURI File EFILE Film Magazine CMAGAZI Film or Video Tape Edito Y* CEDITOR Filter EFILTER Filter, Camera CFILTER F i nder , Range CRANGEF Finishing Machine EFINISH Fire Extinguisher EFIREEX Fish Locator SLOCATO Fishing Rod/Pole SFISHIN Flash CFLASH Flaishl ight YFLASHL Floor Buffer HBUFFER Floor Polisher HBUFFER Flute MFLUTE FM Converter RFMCONV Folding Machine OFOLDER Food Processor HFOOOPR Food Stamp YSTAMP Food Stamp Book YBOOK Forklift (Vehicle File) 1-4 a ; :i I.

B Bicycle C Camera equipment (includes enlargers, lenses, light meters, projectors) E Equipment not otherwise categorized (includes measuring devices and tools) NOTE: Earthmoving/construction equipment, farm tractors, garden tractors, and riding lawnmowers should be entered in the Vehicle File. 2 Make Codes 3 Type Codes 4 , Color and Finish Data. 3-138 3-142 NCIC CODE MANUAL Section Date of Birth. (Beachcomber Boats & Glass Products Co.) Bomber Raider Bonair Boats, Inc. For example: BCO/BRO, When describing a boat of two colors, first list the dominant color of the boat's hull above the waterline followed by the next most prevalent color. The full seven characters in the field must be filled and the fourth character must be a slash (/), For example: BCO/WHI/BLR. The resolution chart this frame may be used to evaluate the document quality. MICROCOPY RESOLUTION TEST CHART NATIONAL BUREAU OP STANDARDS-1963-A Microfilming procedures used to create this fiche comply with the standards set forth in 41CFR 101-1 1.504. National Institute of Justice United States Department of Justice Washington, D. 20531 NCIC CODE MANUAL TABLE OF CONTENTS PART 1 — ARTICLE DATA CODES Section „ ■ Page 1 Brand Name (BRA) Field Codes 1 _ 1 2 Type Codes . Some large manu- facturers who have several boat building plants have been assigned multiple codes by the Coast Guard. & Sierra Boat Corp.) Airboat Engineering Aladdin Mfg. (Yazoo Beats) Allison Craft Boats Allison Craft Boat Co. When entering a boat manufactured by such a manufacturer, the BMA code should agree with the first three characters of the boat hull number. & Arrow ARW Glass) Dayton Marine Products DMP Del co Fiberglass Products DFP Delhi Mfg. DXA Dixie Boat Works DXE Dixie Fiberglass Products DXF Dixie Marine Mfg.

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