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The company currently employs nearly 400,000 workers. I argued with them,saying that they have either made a mistake, or the driver kept the package for himself and marked it as delivered.

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Can you give me a short description or the content of the package, please?I had a NEIGHBOR WHO LIVES down the street bring me my package to my house at 7 pm. that the FED EX DRIVER SAID he DROP OFF AT MY HOUSE.. makes me think that FED EX takes the drivers word for it. When i called this morning Once again I was told i was a LIAR ,, That the driver delivered it.when i said how is it that my neighbor was the 1 who walk to my house carring my package that was NOT delivered AT MY HOUSE!!!!If this is their policy, then why can’t they accept that mistakes can be made? I NEVER SIGNED FOR ANYTHING, AND I WANT MY PACKAGE!There are 6 units in my clearly marked apartment building.( 4m 18s ) sue: yes ( 5m 49s ) Ma Lejani C: Thank you, Sue.( 6m 2s ) Ma Lejani C: Can you give me a short description or the content of the package, please?That idea lead to the founding of one of the largest delivery services in the world.Fed Ex was founded under the name Federal Express in 1971 by current CEO Frederick W. The company began by offering document and small package service to 25 cities via Falcon 20 jets.( 1m 40s ) sue: no i did not get it ( 2m 0s ) sue: Thats why i am talking to you ( 2m 18s ) Ma Lejani C: Truly sorry that this happened with your package. These information will help our trace team address the issue faster.Allow me to send a message to the facility about this incident for them to do further investigation. For verification process, may I have your phone number and complete address?

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