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Consequently, their father went to prison for manslaughter since he had also killed other people.

As a result of having no relatives to care for them, Callie and Jude were placed into the foster care system for six years.

Thomas Jacob (grandfather) † Colleen Jacob (mother) † Donald Jacob (father) Stef Adams Foster (adoptive mother)Lena Adams Foster (adoptive mother) Callie Adams Foster (maternal half-sister)Brandon Foster (adoptive brother) Jesus Adams Foster (adoptive brother) Mariana Adams Foster (adoptive sister) Francesca Adams Foster (adoptive sister; deceased) Poppy Sinfuego (former foster sister) Corey (former foster brother) Stewart Adams (adoptive grandfather) Dana Adams (adoptive grandmother) Sharon Elkin (adoptive grandmother) Frank Cooper (adoptive grandfather, deceased) Nathan Adams (adoptive uncle) Sophia Quinn (cross-sister) Eliza Foster (adoptive sister-in-law) Jude Jacob Adams Foster (born Jude Jacob) is one of the main protagonist in The Fosters, and the most recent kid to come into the home of Stef Adams Foster and Lena Adams Foster.

He is the 19 year-old, maternal younger half brother of Callie Adams Foster and the son of Donald Jacob and his deceased wife, Colleen Jacob.

But, she needed to know if Adam shared her sense of adventure, so she floated an idea to him as they finished up their meal."I'll always be grateful to Rach for cutting the guy with the doll."At least Raven is acknowledging the hilarity of the situation, and honestly, it's just a testament to everyone's maturity that this date could go down in the first place.Plus, Rachel and Bryan sound like they're way too in love to let something like this dull their fire, nor will they stand for social media backlash."I'm, believe it or not, very private normally with my relationships, so to be so public and honest about the relationship, and attacked on social media, [and] sometimes in the media, it was really hard," Rachel told Dean Unglert on his podcast "I think the social media thing, as you've learned Dean, I'm sure, not everybody is going to like you 100 percent of the time," Bryan added.As they romantically held hands, Tina encouraged the pair to “...skip, sing, race to the top of a flight of stairs and swap piggyback rides.” Adam passed date two with flying colours, but Tina says date three was when she knew this was something “extraordinary”.A keen adventurer, Tina is also a self-confessed fitness nut, she explained the third date setting: “I compete in Crossfit competitions and Adam wanted to spend the day watching me compete.” Fittingly, Tina’s Cross Fit group dressed in bright orange and had aptly named themselves ‘Shut Up Tina’.The competition was fierce so Tina’s team had to arrive early to register, and Adam sent her a message confirming that he’d just arrived at the event.Unsure of whether they’ll be able to spot each other in a crowd of over 300 people, Tina frantically searched for Adam, only to spot him: “Adam walked in his WHOLE body dressed in our teams’ colour - bright orange and a T-shirt saying Shut up Tina”.Despite his rough upbringing, he always managed to have a good conscience and a bright outlook on life.It wasn't until he met the Fosters that he finally found his "forever home". Jude is Callie's younger maternal half-brother, whom she rescued from an abusive foster father's house in the pilot episode.require you to throw some of your preconceptions about traditional dating out the window, but this most recent piece of news is still hard to wrap our heads around.According to Raven Gates' Instagram, she and Adam Gottschalk and Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo are double dating. First, Rachel and Raven were once competitors on Nick Viall's season of "4 hours at a restaurant goes by fast with people I love," Raven captured a picture of the four lovebirds at Rapscallion, a restaurant in Dallas.

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