1959 romantic comedy the dating game

Steve's powers lay in his "tao" - his intricately-crafted method of seduction, and he taught single people everywhere that the most important part of dating is simple mathematics. The Dating Tip: "That's why they call them crushes.

If they were easy, they'd call 'em something else." How It Applies In Real Life: It should be law that on their fifteenth birthday, all teenagers must sit and watch all the movies of the late, great John Hughes.

The Dating Tip: It's not how long you wait, it's who you're waiting for!

" How It Applies In Real Life: It's easy to descend into panic at the mere age of twenty-four - a bad break-up and a Friday night in home alone is enough to convince most of us that we're destined for a life of loneliness and solitude - but saxophonist Joe (Tony Curtis) reminds us all that there's simply no point in unnecessary distress.

The Dating Tip: "Make room for someone who is nice to you." How It Applies To Real Life: A great poet once said that we accept the love we think we deserve.

Or maybe that's from Either way, it hits the nail right on the head, and these are some words of wisdom that down-on-her-luck baker Annie (Kristen Wiig) needs to hear.

She thus puts her name forward for an expedition into an environmental disaster zone, but does not quite find what she's expecting.

The expedition team is made up of the biologist, an anthropologist, a psychologist, and a surveyor.

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A master of so many genres, Wilder was almost universally viewed as Hollywood’s ultimate uber-cynic, but that cynicism was tempered with what his writing partner I. He co-wrote all of his films, most often in tandem with his regular writing partners Diamond and Charles Brackett.

It’s who you want to spend all day Saturday with.” How It Applies In Real Life: It's easy to convince yourself you've found a soulmate at 2am outside the local Chicken Cottage: sixteen Jägerbombs tend to act as a rather potent love potion. If you still want to hang out with them once the alcohol fumes have wafted away, then chances are you've got yourself a keeper.

The Dating Tip: "You ask them questions, and listen to what they have to say and shit." How It Applies In Real Life: Dating isn't always as difficult as you think.

Buck up your ideas, stop wasting your time on sexy-but-mean Jon Hamm, and save that spot for someone who treats you like a human being.

The Beeb’s reboot was so good that it turned my thoughts to the film version of the play, made 60 years ago by legendary director Billy Wilder.

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