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Wallis Simpson is better known as being the woman that Edward VIII abdicated the throne of England to marry, but she too was a major style icon in the 30s.Some people hated her and some loved her, but everyone took notice of what Wallis Simpson wore.Carol Lombard, who tragically died in an air accident in 1942, was famous for the energy that she brought to her roles on offbeat comedy films, as well as her romance with Clark Gable.She also had a fantastic sense of style and looked just as good in casual outfits, as she did in a full blown gown.1940's Topics: 1940s Main Beauty Children Cooking Diets Fads Fashion Home Decor Home Economics Housekeeping Husbands Romance Shopping Travel | Vacation | Romance Romance Romance Romance Romance Romance Apparently, dating services or personal ads a la 1940s were not the way to catch a spouse... Therefore the national reason for moral restraint should be considered by every individual each person, man or woman, who steps aside too far from the reasonable moral code, contributes his or her share to the weakening of the national structure..." Here's the making of a 1940s - 1949 to be exact - "Catfight" as our rather clueless male shows up with a busty blond from Switzerland.Dubbed "Lonely Hearts Clubs" they received a lot of bad press and attracted con artists who took advantage of the lonely, their hearts and their pocketbooks. He is teaching her "Jive Talk" apparently what the hip slang of the late '40s youth was called... Drop Dead Twice" - Hilda is not amused and declares "Them's Fighting Words"! Christmas Dance at the Girl's Latin School (GLS), Boston Massachusetts in 1948.She was well known for her daring style and she caused quite a stir with a Salvador Dali dress that had a lobster design placed in a position on the dress that was said to have had sexual connotations.

Singer, dancer, and actress, Ginger Rogers, along with her screen dancing partner Fred Astaire, revolutionised the Hollywood musical with elegant dance routines that took the breath away.

Rogers used to wear sleek ball gowns that showed off her dancing skills and her figure wonderfully.

She was also well-known for her constantly changing hairstyles.

Tom Hanks ist gerade einmal 10 Jahre jünger als sie.

1940s: The zipper is accepted in women’s clothing, horray!

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