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Ray's body to appear before he's killed on the freighter) or if the position of the freighter -- or the island, for that matter -- can cause fluctuations in time.I suppose it's possible that the freighter could be ahead of island time while in one position, then it could drift elsewhere and fall into the past.

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Was Alpert actually at Locke's birth, or did he use the island's time travel pod (or door or sled or whatever it might be) to zip back to Locke's birth after Locke crashed on the [email protected]'s Flashlight/16 I also thought the whole Horace dream sequence to be odd.It's possible, the whole dialog seemed to be so mechanical.So if you're going *to* the island shouldn't you use the reciprocal? And did Michael manage to disable the freighter just as they were on the right bearing? (I haven't seen an anchor cable.) And if not, what keeps them from drifting off the spot? Was that supposed to be Daniel's original morse coming in over the merc's phone? o================== @mac If you've got a grasp on the discrepancy between the time on the freighter and the time on the island, I'd love to read your thoughts.o================== @mac The Doc Murder is also intriguing because, moments before his jugular was unzippered, a Widmore mercenary told the living doctor he'd received a Morse code transmission over the satellite phone announcing the island arrival of the dead doctor. At this point, I'm not sure if the island is consistently in the future (which would allow for Dr.o================== @mac (I'm pretty sure the protocol folder Keamy leafs through has a Dharma logo on it). Reception here was getting a little dicey due to an electrical storm, so I may have missed something.o================== @mac So Sayid escapes and enjoys a leisurely evening ride back to the island. Wasn't that the bearing Lapidus was supposed to use to come *from* the island?Similarly Aaron was born on the island to Claire who was not expected (by Ethan Rom and the “others”) to survive childbirth.He is now (in the future) being raised by someone who is not his birth mother (and Claire may possibly be dead). The Island was behind "Freighter Time" in the Economist when Daniel did his payload rocket experiment.When he said "Some of us" can come and go as they please, is that what he's talking about?Oh and I agree with mac, Claire was high as shit in that scene!

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  1. This entire genre of apps has in effect turned your local dog park, museum, mall, and crowded train station into a gigantic "singles" bar (though not everyone is single). And if you have traditionally been the kind of person too shy to make the first move -- no worries, as long as your app is open it is actively signaling your availability, so it won't be long before someone finds you. And just as bad, two guys I genuinely liked dating dumped me when they found me cruising Grindr while they were in the other room making dinner or on the phone. But I still haven't been able to put the thing away and stay away.